Top 3 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Whether you have fruit trees, a stately maple overlooking your deck, or pine trees towering over your property, consider preventative maintenance and pruning. Here are Family Tree Care’s top three reasons to schedule an annual tree check: Looks, Longevity, and Liability.

  1. Looks. Downed branches after storms can make your yard unsightly. And even if you don’t have downed limbs, your trees will look better with the scraggly, damaged, or dead limbs pruned and the suckers removed. Your fruit trees will likely look more symmetrical and balanced with proper pruning as well. Topping a tree may allow it to fill in for better privacy in your yard.
  2. Longevity. Removing dead wood, suckers, and broken limbs preserves the life and health of your trees. Getting trees checked annually is similar to a dentist appointment for your teeth. Preventative maintenance can both make trees look their best, and keep them healthy as well. Allowing a diseased and damaged tree to remain standing may potentially lead to our reason #3.
  3. Liability. Did you know that if a tree or branches falls on a neighbor, car, fence, or a passing pedestrian that you are potentially liable for damages? Here in the Northwest, strong winds and heavy rains frequently bring down both fences and trees. Often homeowner’s insurance will cover damages, but there may still be a deductible to pay, and there is no guarantee of coverage.

In addition, if you can be shown to be negligent in allowing a dangerous tree to remain, insurance may not pick up the tab. According to an All State insurance article, if the tree was rotting before a storm caused it to fall, likely homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage.

And what about that rickety looking tree in your neighbor’s yard that worries you? According to Claudia McClain of McClain Insurance Services in Everett, WA, “If you have serious concerns about your safety, you may wish to get the tree evaluated by a professional and then send a certified letter to your neighbor requesting the removal of the tree. This will put your insurance company in a stronger position to argue your neighbor’s negligence in the event of a claim.”

We say it’s best to play it safe and get your trees checked. We can advise you on which trees on your property may need removal, and which just need some pruning.

Pruning trees is best done with proper equipment and expertise. International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)-qualified arborists should do the job. Jay Brock and Johnny Marth, Family Tree Care owners (Tacoma) are both certified arborists. “We give free estimates on our work, with no obligation. If you choose to let us do your tree pruning, we’ll do a thorough and professional job,” Jay says.

FTC specializes in tree removal and clean-up, repairing storm damage, pruning and beautification. Family Tree Care serves the greater Tacoma, Lakewood and Puyallup areas and are bonded, licensed, and insured. We are known for the quality, speed, and professionalism of their tree services. Family Tree Care’s prices are competitive and we offer free estimates.

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