Fun Tree Facts for Kids


We Pacific Northwest types often take trees for granted. They surround us nearly everywhere we go, and, after all, we are known as The Evergreen State.

But trees are not just pretty and seemingly omnipresent, they are vital to our health (mental and physical), and provide for us in many other ways as well.

Here are some fun facts and activities for parents to share with the kids.

  • Our lovely Earth is home to more than 60,000 species of trees, according to a BBC news item from April 2017.
  • Nearly 15% of these 60,000 trees are under the threat of extinction.
  • The data revealed that Brazil was the nation with the greatest number of tree species, home to 8,715 varieties. Source: Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).
  • Washington’s state tree is the Western Hemlock. A 1946 Oregonian article teased Washington for not yet having chosen a state tree.
  • The tallest species of trees in the world include the Coast Redwood, Giant Sequoia, Coast Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce and Australian Mountain Ash.
  • This cool PDF “Trees of Washington” produced by Washington State University, details 31 of the most common Washington tree varieties, complete with drawings and maps for identification.
  • For a list of all 50 state trees (and Western Samoa), visit Wikipedia.
  • Trees have a lifecycle just like we do. Check out some family activities to learn about it.
  • The Arbor Foundation has an interactive Tree Identification page on its website. You and the kids can figure out the names of common trees through the program.
  • Trees filter air pollution, provide oxygen, and much more. Read an interesting Atlantic article on the health benefits of trees here.

Learn with your children the names of the trees on your property. You never know, as you teach the kids you may find you have a budding arborist on your hands!

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