Customer Testimonial from Karen K.


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Thanks to Karen for this blog post about our work!

“I’ve wanted a yard of my own for a long time. Over 23 years of living with my husband and kids, we have mostly rented homes with more or less dismal yards. The one time we owned a home in California, it was on a postage-stamp lot with one incidental and uninspiring tree. When we purchased a home last spring, one of the reasons we picked this one was the multiple fruit trees in the front and side yards and the mature trees in the back. Finally our own garden, fruit trees, and yard!

My Dad, a long-time forest engineer, noticed the huge fir looming on an uphill slope above our property on our back fence line. “You might want to get that checked for stability,” he said. “You don’t want THAT coming down on your house some stormy night.” Trusting my dad, I put that on my summer to-do list. But with kids, activities and gardening, I put it off. Our fruit trees did mostly well except the one that snapped off from the excess weight of apples. My peach and cherry trees didn’t produce at all. “Hmmmm, I might need some expert advice on appropriate pruning,” I thought.

This past fall I finally decided to call Family Tree Care for a free estimate for fruit tree pruning, checking that enormous tree, and dealing with a few other tree questions I had. Johnny came over as scheduled, took careful time to view and scrutinize most of the trees on our lot, including some that were leaning on our fence and causing potential future trouble. He gave us a time needed/cost estimate to do the entire yard job, and we set a date.

Wow is all I can say about Johnny and his crew! These professionals took out five problematic trees, carefully pruned 14 fruit trees, removed some pesky bushes and bamboo, did a great job on my gorgeous Japanese maple, trimmed my mimosa tree, took all the dead wood out of that huge fir looming over the house, and did an amazing job of cleaning up afterward. They even cleaned up some leaves and debris that were there before their arrival. To finish up, they cut up the trunks from the felled trees at my request and left me those for firewood.

That towering tree in the back no longer worries me as all the dead wood has been removed, and I’m looking forward to seeing more fruit production this spring with properly trimmed trees. The crew was friendly, hard-working, and thorough. Every time I had a question, they took the time to respond.

My bill was exactly what they had estimated, so I didn’t get any unwelcome surprises. Family Tree Care will be the tree care specialists I recommend from now on, and they will have all my future business.”